With a meager six and a half months of living in a student cooperative under my belt, I have come to the conclusion that the essence of cooperative living is different for each person who experiences it. CHUM (Cooperative Housing University of Maryland, College Park) is currently made up of 3 houses and about 20 members. All 20 of us agreed to buy into this notion of cooperative living rather blindly as,before August 2010, CHUM existed as an idea only. All 20 members have their own interpretations of what CHUM means and where CHUM is going.

This blog, unless otherwise noted, is one person’s take on cooperative living and the experience of living in just one of the three CHUM houses. CHUM Life, for me, is about the people, the experiences, the trials and errors, and the food!

In the wise words of David: “This is a process!” and it is my hope that through this blog the success, stumbles, good times, and bad of CHUM’s second semester will be accesible to students at UMD, students from other universities that have their own co-ops, anyone dying to start their own co-op, people who have no clue what a co-op is, and everyone in between.

Peace & Cooperation,



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