The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Roommates. Unless we are very very lucky we have all had them. Whether you share a room or house, live with 9 other college kids or are sticking it out with the parents for a while, the people you live with can sometimes make or break a living situation.

For most college students we have had the distinct pleasure, nay the privilege, to encounter roomies who run the gamut from good, bad, and (shudder) U.G.L.Y. (Useless Gross Loathsome Youths). Freshman year roomies are especially significant because they mark most college students first time living away from the family structure safety nest.

For some this new found freedom means you cling to each other like monkeys (at least a first), becoming a surrogate family and make lifelong bonds with your first year roomies.

But for many, freshman year means your are either living with “probably the worst person on the face of the earth”. Or, you know… YOU are the worst person on the face of the earth. And I mean I think it’s natural that a lot of people go through a bit of a jerk-face phase with our roommates when we first stop living with mom and dad. But, past freshman year, there really is no excuse.The Kids that don’t get out of the jerk-face phase? Those are the U.G.L.Y.s.

But, whether you are living in dorms, a house with long times friends, an apartment with strangers, or back home over the summer or next fall, here are some Roomie Do’s and Don’ts to help you make it through!


  • Be Awesome: Everyone loves Awesome people. Just don’t brag about said awesomeness, people don’t love that quite as much.
  • Be Yourself: It’s tiring to walk around the house all day in a snow-suit when you are the only one who is cold during Snowpocalypse. It is also hard to constantly root for a football team you hate because you thought it would be fun to watch the game together that one time, pretend you like going out every night of the week when you really just want to watch some trash tv and go to bed, or pretend you like eggplant and are fasting when it’s cooked for dinner when in fact it actually makes you gag.
  • Communicate: There’s no such thing as talking to much. And when you hate eggplant you need a forum to let people know dammit!
  • Make Time Together… But Not Too Much: Some people really love their roomies when they first move in and spend every waking moment together, signing up for the same classes, dating identical twins, etc etc. But too much together time can get to be friend overload. This is especially sensitive for roommates because you don’t have separate spaces to go to at the end of the day. It’s great to bond and make time for each other. Just make sure that roomie time does not extend to 24/7
  • Try To Be Understanding- Especially When That Seems Hard: Many people have struggled with the “probably the worst person in the world” roommate only to meet up with them again randomly the following year and realize that they are really awesome people, becoming good friends post initial year of hate. Maybe they were just going crazy from too much freedom? Maybe they had something going on in their personal life? Maybe they had an undiagnosed issue and really needed the meds that are on now? All I know is that you never know when you might need to call that old roomie you loathed but who became a doctor when you need some free medical advice.


  • Be A Jerk: If you are a jerk people are jerks back. You do not want to be one of these kids. or one of these. or these.  oooh, there’s more. And more. Really, I could probs never end this game.
  • Be Afraid to Talk to Your Roommates: You’ll feel better when you do.
  • Be Afraid to Move Out: Some people will just suck. There are also just some people who you will never be able to live with, people who should never make anyone else live with them because they are just that horrible, and people who the aggravation of living with is just more than a cut in rent is worth. Move out! Become FREE!

Have any stories of roommate craziness out there? Please share!

Good Luck. It’s a jungle out there.

P.s. DO! humor your favorite roommate when she makes you pose for pictures on her blog. Kthanks.

I Told Them To Pretend They Were Cold... They are great sports.


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