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The Sad Face of Senioritis


“The main symptoms of senioritis include procrastination, lack of motivation, a drop in academic performance, a desire to drop out of school, and “coasting”, which is the act of going through classes with very little concentration or application of intent along with truancy and frequent tardiness. This often happens in the last year of high schoolcollege or even graduate school. Example: My four hour break is over, time to concentrate on this essay for ten minutes brb.”

Hello old Friend. I see you there.  Distracting me with your wiles.

Keeping me from doing stuff that’s actually productive.

Forcing me to watch small adrob animal videos with my roomies for 4 hours instead of reading…

Reading those books that you made me rationalize not buying because the money would be “better spent” stocking up so we could pop champagne like Trey Songz for Southern Sunday Brunch mimosas.

Were you the one who told me there was an It’s Always Sunny marathon on last week so I pretty much cant start writing that paper due the next day at 11 till 3am? Fair enough.

Wait! What?!?! Did you just mention the ridiculous Wedding Wars? Did you know that takes place on Hawaii?

Must go google everything possible about Hawaii and follow endless Wikipedia links and rabbit holes.

Will continu…